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Wish List

We have a lot of fun Habitat stuff, but are always on the prowl for more. If you have something you'd like to sell, please use the contact form and let us know what you have. Maybe you're not ready to part with your treasure; you can still send us a photo or scan. That works too! 

Get up in the attic, down in the basement, through the crawlspace and show us what you have! When the park closed it was pretty much a free-for-all, we know the employee uniforms are out there somewhere. As you have learned, we're all big fans of the park and would like to share the forgotten bits of Jungle Habitat. No one cares what you lifted out of the park, it's been over 40 years and the statute of limitations is long past. Much like Las Vegas, what happened at Jungle Habitat stays in West Milford. We applaud your work at preserving this little slice of history regardless of how you obtained it. 

We really want to hear from you if you know where any of the Toyota Land Cruisers are today OR if you worked any kind of security in the park. 

Here's a short list of items we would love to see & share: 

  • Any signage from the park or surrounding area
  • Employee paperwork (paystubs, id,training packets, policy books, anything!) 
  • Park VIP or Season passes
  • Any of the vehicles from the park (we need images of the zebra pick up trucks, the vans and zebra trailer)
  • Employee uniforms
  • JH stationery, stamps or mail correspondence
  • Property damage certificate (provided if your car fell victim to some type of animal assault)
  • 16-ounce drinking glasses
  • Any journals/records (medical or otherwise) for the animals or property
  • The plastic snow globe 
  • One of the safari jeeps - all of them were taken from the park, so they are out there! 
  • A menu from the restaurant or bar, the magical giraffe straws 
  • A security pin or patch from the park
  • The fall 1976 issue of WARNER WORLD (an internal Warner Brothers newsletter). This is the item Gwen wants the most!
  • The short film presented at the West Milford planning board meeting about Jungle Habitat. Any film, who am I kidding?
  • Any 18mm film shot by  Warner Brothers for the park. (including the TV commercials)

Please reach out to us for general inquiries via the CONTACT page.  Send pictures to photos@westmilfordjunglehabitat.com 

Out on the Street

Here is proof that not all Habitat remnants are in West Milford. If you want to see these great signs from the park, take a ride to Gepetto's in Wanaque, NJ. Grab yourself some lunch and tell the owners that Gwen sent you. Great pizza! 


After receiving word that Traffic Safety & Equipment in Mahwah, NJ had been contracted to make all of the signs for Jungle Habitat, a field trip was in order. Traffic Safety opened its doors in 1968, the Jungle Habitat account had to be a fun and lucrative partner. Sign production was orchestrated by Angus Simpson, the founder of the company.  Two generations later, his grandson Pete Simpson is  the President at Traffic Safety & Equipment. Pete was was wise enough to keep these incredible signs and kind enough to let me photograph them. Click on each image to zoom in. Many thanks for sharing Pete! 

Habitat Hall of FAME

Sometimes our attention is directed to incredible Habitat items from private collectors, fans or past employees. Here are some "Jungle Issue" items that are worth sharing. We love the idea of a field trip  if you have something we simply must see. Use the contact form if you have something fun and you want to get in touch with us.  Fonzie says, "Ayyyyyye it's cool to share!"


Remember "the guy" who used to work in the park and was going to write a book? Several years ago the hearts of all Habitat fans were lifted at the news and are likely still wondering what's happening there. Well, we found him  and will be encouraging him to start writing.  This will be the "news" area where fans can get updates and interact with each other. Sign up for the RSS feed and get any updates straight to your inbox. Get ready for our Employee of the Month feature - email us and maybe you will appear on the Habitat Hall of Fame!  Reach out to us if you have something to share. 


 AMUSING TIDBIT: 201-728-8111

The old phone number for Jungle Habitat has been out of service since 1977. The number has never been made available for re-issue from Verizon. (formerly New Jersey Bell)  We tried to get the number, but a steaming pile of telecom red-tape prevented us from doing so. In 1972, all of Northern New Jersey used the 201 area code. Since 1997, all Passaic county numbers use the 973 area code. No one in West Milford can take back the Jungle Habitat phone number as the current configuration for the old number now maps to the Rutherford, New Jersey Central office.  So, if you live in Rutherford and want to duke it out with Verizon, try and get the number. You may get a lot of calls from people asking if you left your baboon out or if you remembered to feed the lions.  We tried, but it wasn't meant to be.  #annoyingtelecomproblems

We also researched reactivating the old Jungle Habitat mailing address, but the USPS has switched to a number-based routing schema. I could have it if I wanted to pay $5,000 for it, but that seemed a bit ridiculous. Double bummer! 

Keep rolling on the New Jersey flashback highway and visit the Great Adventure History page; Harry and his editors have some forums on the site that discuss Jungle Habitat.  Since I am obsessed with the snow globe but too cheap to buy one, I spend a lot of time staring at Andy Zito's snow globe collection website.  Lots of interesting road-side stuff to be seen, NJ and beyond.