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War​ner brothers Jungle habitat©

Habitat Happenings

PAY TO PLAY?  The state of New Jersey posted an RFP for all bidders to make the Jungle Habitat site a "pay to play" mountain bike park. JORBA has maintained the trails and cleaned the site for the past decade at no cost to visitors. This sort of financial proposal sets a dangerous precedent for volunteerism in all parks across the garden state. For the residents of New Jersey, your tax dollars purchased the land already.  No qualified bidders came forward, so this plan is off the table for now. On December 4, 2017, the Parks and Recreation Department for the State of New Jersey removed the telephone pole gateway to the park. During  a televised township committee meeting on November 8th, representatives from the state cited that the poles were old and also constructed of materials that are now considered hazardous. There is a phased cleanup and re-branding of the site underway. The entryway is gone, two small pieces have been preserved. The plan is to enlarge the parking space and install lighting/cameras. You can read more about the plans in the blog entrys. There are also articles about the changes at the bottom of the "HISTORY" tab. Discussions are underway, if you have thoughts, share them on the CONTACT page.

I NEED A MAP: If you want to check out the park on your own time, use this map from our friends at JORBA who maintain the bike trails. Hikers can go on the red and black trails, bikers stay on the green and blue.   Spray up with some kind of turbo tick repellent if you're considering any trip into the Habitat. JORBA is always looking for help maintaining the trails, so please consider volunteering if you live in the area and have some time to spare.  

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Word on the street is that Ice-T and his crew filmed a horror flick about Clinton Road in West Milford.

Clinton Road was always dark and windy. I never saw any satanists, just a lot of people from out of the area trying to scare themselves.  Ice baby, if you need a tour guide or two, we graciously accept. Please use the contact page. We'll make sure you don't get lost and will prevent locals from trying to sell you Lemonade when you're clearly Iced tea.

Town Cycle in West Milford also hosts a few races in the Habitat. Check out their website and visit the "Events and Races" section. You won't be disappointed with the bikes and gear available in the shop if you're in the market for a new bike!

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference has also created an updated map for trails in and around Jungle Habitat. You can purchase a copy of trail map #115 online or by popping into Campmor. Members of the trail conference get access to great hiking information and discounts and selected retailers. 

True map enthusiasts may prefer this site survey of the property. 

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