Click HERE to read press release documents from the Habitat's Public Relations manager; Kerry Smith. One document goes into great detail of the expansion plans and re-working of the traffic pattern after the first summer.  The second is a fact sheet about the park that has some information you may not have known about.  Brian Hunt is quoted repeatedly in the lengthy document, he was one of the Hunt brothers who was in charge of animal operations. You can learn more about Brian Hunt here.

"Why does the rabbit get all of the attention?"

                                                                   -Anonymous super genius

War​ner brothers Jungle habitat©

Paper Goodies

Ephemera is a fancy word for any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. The word comes to us from the Greeks, meaning "things lasting no more than a day."  See Mr. Greco, I did learn something in those 4 years of Latin class!  Of all the merchandise from the Habitat, paper goods seem to be the most coveted of collector items. We have seen V.I.P car passes, tickets for Jungle Junction, bumper stickers, note pads - all sorts of interesting things. This page is dedicated to the written pieces of the Habitat.

If you have something you'd like added to this page that isn't represented, please send us a high-resolution scan to share! Surely there are some former employees out there with a box of forgotten Habitat papers? If you don't have a scanner, we will scan your item(s) for you and send it back. We promise to take good care of any items received. Check the WISH LIST page for a detailed break out of what we're looking for and how to snail mail us.