Everyone loves the gift shop.....

Situated deep in the Southwest corner of Jungle Junction, the gift shop had a wide variety of merch to offer. The Artifacts shop was near the GAF photo center and the Elephant ride. There was a Curio Hut which was near the affection section, (aka the "Happy Feeling Petting Zoo") the snack huts and rest rooms. 

If you were behaving and didn't throw a tantrum for the elephant ride, you may have been lucky enough to secure some of the shop's many wares. While everything was heavily branded, it was the 70's and everything had a groovy vibe. Smoking was still okay back then, so you could pick up several types of  ashtrays or a pencil. There were commemorative plates, mugs, coffee cups, snow globes, t-shirts, pennants and more. 

Obviously these items are a bit elusive to find now, but we know there's merch out there to be had! If you have something not represented in the photos below, please consider e-mailing a high-resolution photo our way so we can share it on the page. Everyone loves the gift shop! (Unless you were the one who had to pay)

One of the original gift shop employees, Mrs. Robena Jerman, was kind enough to give us some items from her personal collection. Several items still have the Jungle Habitat store sticker affixed on the back which was a bit of a treat. 

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: You can buy original Jungle Habitat View Master slides, (still sealed may i add! ) unused postcards and a few other select items from the West Milford Museum. All of the items are on display in the museum and available for purchase. The WM Museum is chock full of Jungle goodness, including an original costume, the TIGER TRAIL sign and other items from the park. Did you know that Herbie was at Jungle Habitat? If  you don't believe me, you need to go to the museum to see for yourself. Check their webpage for hours. 

Author's Note: If you have the JH snow globe and would like to part with it, please email: info@westmilfordjunglehabitat.com 

Do you need to go on Safari one more time?

While the dialogue is a bit corny, you know you want to hear it. Click the boxes below to hear the safari cassette tape, digitized for your listening pleasure. Roll up your windows just in case. The Radio broadcast, 640 on your AM dial, was narrated by noted naturalist Roger Caras.

the Artifacts SHOP

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

 The vet had one and so did the wardens in the carnivore compounds. 

Jungle Jeep - on the safari car ride. Our own Lisa is the passenger to the far left during the summer of '76.

 Rides of the Habitat:  

We don't own a shop, but we know someone who does! 

 Looking for your own piece of the Habitat? 

1973 Pontiac Catalina 

Zebra'd up to cruise the streets of West Milford and photo shoots. Rumor has it this was an employee's car. 

War​ner brothers Jungle habitat©

No pith helmets, but you can stock up on T-shirts, tanks, Hoodies or a logo sticker for your car. 

1974 Chevelle Malibu Wagon

It's not easy hauling Foghorn Leghorn around. Too bad they didn't get the SS version.

Be the envy of the Garden State - show everyone that you remember when West Milford ROARED!

Some of our faves


Matt @ShopUnmasked has created additional Habitat offerings . Check out the patches, magnets, and  coasters bearing the JH crest. If you have fashion skills, there is still time to mock up a uniform for Halloween.