Irreverence Coordinator

When we were kids, (and we are aging fantastically may I add) our families had season passes to the park.

- Our favorite JH memory was having our car windshield whizzed on by a male rhino. 

- West Milford was our #1 High School rival. All of us are from Ringwood, NJ. Well, except Lisa; she's a Clifton native. Stephen is from Eternia, sometimes referred to as Midland Park, NJ. 

- Several of us were shot with rock salt while trespassing in the Habitat in the early 80's. 

- We were often spotted at the A&W , watching horror flicks at the Abbey, or taking pics of the "Apple House".

What's the fascination?


Director of Infographics



Executive Troublemaker & Trespasser Extraordinaire

Pusher of Envelopes

 Who's behind this site? 

The Habitat's vehicle of choice - 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 

Principal Conservationist & Antiquities Handler

War​ner brothers Jungle habitat©

* NOTE *: Any crappy pictures are Gwen's handiwork.  She's not very good with photo editing!

Largest Collective Regret: 

That we didn't have a tow-truck in the mid 80's to remove some of the goodies from the park.  In retrospect, a Land Cruiser or Zebra Jeep would have been nice! Speaking of Zebra jeeps....check out the video below. I hope you appreciate it as Gwen got a scratchy case of poison ivy recording it. (It was still worth it)

A word from your hosts:  

We're not looking to sell anything here, the site was set up for informational purposes. If you're done reading and are feeling philosophical, we suggest you visit the ASPCA advocacy center and learn about how you can help protect animals in your home state.  

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So far, the furthest online visitor is from Indonesia...New Jersey is winning with the most hits; New York a close second.